My view on food; a work in progress

The way I feel about food and ingredients has both changed many times over and stayed the same. I know it is a little contradictory but let me attempt to explain. If you have read any of my blog posts, you know that I grew up on wholesome, farm fresh food. Fortunately, I like vegetables and hearty fare so it was not a struggle for me. However, like most children, I also loved the occasional treat items that came from a box. Because I was a child, I had no ideas of the health implications these pre-packaged items carried. As time went on and the plethora of additives in pre-packaged items skyrocketed, I began to notice. As a young mom who wanted to make her children happy, I would reach for their favorites like boxed Mac and Cheese. Thankfully, I still only did these types of meals occasionally. My primary method was what I had always known and that was to cook from scratch. Maybe because I cooked from scratch most of the time, it was easier to see the effect that came from the boxed items. My son was the one that demonstrated the biggest effect. I started to put two and two together and noticed his affected behavior by boxed foods, especially those with brightly dyed colors. It was a stunning realization. I also had a number of my own health problems that started me on a course of reading about food, food production, and nutrition. My then husband developed diabetes, which, lead to even more in depth reading. All of the knowledge I acquired has caused me to change my cooking and eating styles over the years. At times, change ups are experiments that are eventually abandoned.  At other times it feels right and becomes such a habit that I can barely remember what I did before. What I believe and what I do is what I feel is right for me. That does not necessarily mean it is the right for thing for you. "Science" and modern thinking has led me astray more than once. How many times have you heard in the media "red wine is good" oops no "red wine is bad", oh no, now we believe "red wine is good again"? I would encourage you to read from many different sources but also really listen to your "gut" and your gut. Your intuition will take you far, but tuning in to your body, it will tell you tons

  • Buy local as much and as often as you can.

  • Buy or grow organic

  • Veg it up! Diversify your veggie life with interesting medleys and add ins.

  • Sugars - such a sweet disguise.

  • Grains - a kernel of truth

  • Make it at home - you will be all the better for it.

    I will make a blog post soon about the upside of home cooking. In the mean time, if you want to make your own applesauce and want to see how easy it is, here is a little video I make. My apologies from the get go - 1. My first ever youtube, yikes! 2. It's really looong. I'm learning.

  • Happy chickens, happy eggs

  • moral fiber

  • coo coo for coconuts

  • The magical fruit

  • Nutty for Nuts

  • Fruit Loopy

  • The elixir of Life

  • The Spice of Life

  • A dollop will do ya