Food Album

Lighten up dessert by making an airy Pavlova.

If you are going for broke with a creamy risotto, pair it with a lightly treated protein such as this halibut.

Notice the veg outweighs the meat. And is that mashed potato or mashed cauliflower??? What about half and half. Your kids may never know.

Light summer lunch with a crab and shrimp with pea salad tower.

It takes practice but you can even make gluten free ravioli.

Purple power to augment this lamb steak.

Bounty of the Pacific Northwest.

The splendor of summer enhanced by a little Stevia instead of sugar over a tofu berry parfait.

Quinoa and a summery assortment of veg, dressed with a light citrus vinaigrette and you have a summer salad.

Make your veggies count. Use a wide assortment and roast for maximum flavor. Choose organic, pasture raised pork.

Pick an interesting assortment of vegetables to keep it fresh.

Cauliflower "rice" and saffron pilaf. Your waist line will thank you.

Gluten free, veggie enhanced mac and cheese. Don't tell the kids there is sweet potato in the cheese sauce.

morning juice in the making

Veg out that tortilla soup!

Organic, pasture raised steak is great but don't let the veg be the ugly little step kid. Make it the "not so side dish".

Okay, SOMETIMES I do white rice.....but check out that stir fry!

Metabolic enhancing breakfast with oatmeal, fresh apple, dried cranberries, almond milk and lots of cinnamon.

If you are going to splurge on a dog, do your body a favor and search out the best dog you can get. This organic, pasture raised, no nitrates, and uncured (it's true, they are out there). This is on a whole grain, gluten free bun and topped with fresh toppings.

Flavor burst your night by making a homemade curry.

Need to clean the bins in your fridge? Make soup!

Pickle some garden bounty.

Make your own relish at home. The aromahhhhh....

Try something different. Top those savory beans with a perfectly poached egg.

Veg, on veg, on veg - The squash filling is meatless but I bet you would never know.

So many curries, so little time.

summer on a plate

Fresh herbs and keeping it simple so the freshness of the sea shines through.

Hearty mushrooms enhance a simple meal.

Quick and simple quesadilla.

Soy-risso makes a wonderful meat free taco.

My favorite summer soup - gazpacho.

Classic comfort, homemade tomato soup and gluten free grilled cheese. This if for those rainy days when you just want to be a kid again.

Veggies rule!

Surround that grass fed steak with beautiful veg.

Color your plate and your world.

Sometimes you just feel ambitious.

Totally refreshing honeydew lime sorbet.

Sure I make pizza!

Caprese skewers


Sometimes it's a salad that hits the spot.

Portobello mushroom burger

A very stuffed omelet.

Carrot risotto topped with artichoke

Seafood and fennel stew

"A walk from the woods to the shore" A mushroom medley paired with octopus.

Roasted Butternut on a gluten free flat bread.

Roasted squash and herb omelet

Buckwheat pecan pancakes with ginger caramelized pears

Eggplant stuffed with chickpeas

Potato and cheese galette

More veg then noodles in this bowl.

Moroccan spiced eggplant and squash stew over cauliflower "rice".

Beef stew

Roasted butternut squash soup

poached eggs with veggie fritata

No chicken "chicken salad" with cranberry sauce on a gluten free English muffin.

Breakfast tacos with scrambled eggs and mushrooms

Homemade cinnamon ice cream over roast pineapple and caramel sauce - okay, this one isn't even close to healthy.

Green coconut curry

Leg of lamb with celery root puree and veg

Beef tenderloin roulade yam

Creamy Spring peas and new potato

Crispy duck quarter and roast potatos

Buttermilk Panna Cotta with rhubarb cherry sauce

quinoa tofu sushi

Fruit tart with an almond crust

rice noodle bowl with crispy tofu

cabbage and ground beef parcels

spicy roast carrot soup

vegetarian stuffed pepper with homemade vegan "mozzarella".

crispy trout with rainbow carrots and greens


creamy mushroom stuffed gluten free crepes (vegan)

Pacific Northwest style salad nicoise

salmon chowder and gluten free skillet cornbread

barbeque chicken with homemade sauce and brown rice pilaf

sole rolls

Homemade turkey sausage

stuffed chicken thighs


cabbage rolls over gluten free pasta

Braised lamb shanks over creamy polenta and root veg

Squash soup with roasted squash seeds and crispy kale chips

Seared meatloaf slice topped with poached egg and bacon

raspberry coconut mouse with dragon fruit

seafood heaven in a bowl

lamb steak with mushy peas and new potatoes.

incredibly moist gluten free chocolate mocha cupcake

roast pork loin with apples, onion, and raisins accompanied by roasted veg

stuffed oyster

Spring nettle soup

lentil soup

mini pecan cheesecakes

Don't worry, tasted much better than it looks. Scallops over a brown butter nori sauce

dairy free chocolate ice cream

salmon with a stuffed tomato

poached eggs over black beans

veggie tamales

homemade sausage turkey with apples and elk and bacon

Vegetarian "chicken" and dumpling

out of this world scallops

cheese souffle


French onion soup

reveal of the calzone stuffing

glazed salmon with mashed sweet potato and romanesco

turkey cutlet picatta

mushroom pho

BLT Meatloaf

Vegetarian "beef" soup

Mock fried oyster with tartar and cocktail sauce - gluten free

roasted beet salad

Salmon with wasabi crème, roast fennel and greens

salmon and ramp soufflé

Ground Lamb Kabobs with quinoa

Bean thread noodle bowl with fish balls, shrimp and mushrooms

The No Grain Faux Mac and Cheese - It technically would be a vegetable and cheese with an almond crumble.

No grain meatloaf with cauliflower mash and veg

A New Year's Eve celebration with roasted oysters in a savory champagne sabayon and braised greens.

New Year Day John Hoppin made with left over holiday ham and served with smoky greens and gluten free corn muffins

Winter warm up

Welcome to my photo album. I am sharing random pictures from the past couple of years. Most of these pictures do not have associated recipies or even titles to the dish. Going forward I will attempt to provide more information with each dish I post. These photos are just some samplings from my daily kitchen adventures.