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Valerie Harris, The Foodie Medic
Jan. 7, 2015

Hi Friends!

Happy 2015!
Hello All, my name is Valerie Harris and I am a career paramedic. Over the past thirty years I have worked in Emergency Medical, Rescue, and Fire Services. Outside of work, my passions are cooking and gardening. I have spent my life learning and exploring all kinds of cuisine. But the connection between food and health is ever present, as I have seen evident in my many years in the health care field. I am so excited to share my explorations with all of you and learn something in return. The evolution never ends because I am always in search for the perfect "Recipe for a Healthy Life".

May. 5, 2015

To find out more about what I am all about, please see my "About Me" page and read my first four blog posts.

  • New ideas for "value added" dishes.

    This chunky salmon clam chowder has a surprising "cream" sauce. This stew like dish of seafood and vegetables, is coated in a silky sauce which is primarily parsnips and celery root.

  • Don't give up your traditional favorites - health them up!

    If you choose to eat meat, make it the best possible meat option for your body, the welfare of the animal, and the planet. This meatloaf is not only made with organic pasture raised beef, it is grain free. The carbs on this plate are reduced by thinking outside of the potato and experiencing new vegetable combinations and flavors. You may just develop new favorites.

Jan. 7, 2015

Stay tuned

This website was just born today, and she is my "first born" (website/blog that is). I will continue to work on this and learn as I go but soon I hope to have blog entries, recipes, and pictures. Of course I still work in my profession so my time is divided. But this is the first step for big things I plan to accomplish. Be back soon!

May. 5, 2015

Learning new skills

I am so pumped up after attending a Food Bloggers workshop called Camp Blogaway. I am anxious to begin to make changes and improvement for this blog. Nothing but better and better!

Wishing you a happy, healthy life

Valerie Harris, The Foodie Medic